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A place for cooking, spending time with family and socialising with friends – the kitchen is often said to be one of the most important rooms within a home. With this in mind, it’s important for professional painters and decorators to ensure the space is visually appealing, while also offering high levels of durability and protection against wear and tear.
Jack Stokes, of Nationwide Upcycled Kitchens, completes around three to four kitchen decoration projects each week. With a busy schedule and high customer expectations, Jack knew he needed to invest in a high quality, trustworthy product.
A reliable solution
Jack approached the team at his local Johnstone’s Decorating Centre for advice on a reliable, high-quality paint that would be suitable for the kitchen projects that he regularly carries out. Based on his need for a paint that would provide durability and withstand the daily wear and tear of a busy home kitchen, the team recommended Johnstone’s Trade Aqua Guard – a new water based paint for interior wood and metal with enhanced durability.
With unique Surface Protection technology, Johnstone’s Trade Aqua Guard has been specifically designed to defend interior wood and metal surfaces against scratches, wear and tear and greasy fingers marks. Trim surfaces, such as kitchen skirting boards, are not only at risk of bumps and scratches caused by regular cooking and cleaning, but also natural oils from contact with hands. The hands contain and release enzymes which, when left on the surface, can cause paint to soften and leave unsightly marks. Johnstone’s Trade Aqua Guard’s Surface Protection technology provides the ultimate defensive barrier. 
Jack explained: “I’ve used Johnstone’s Trade Aqua Satin and Johnstone’s Trade Acrylic Durable Eggshell on jobs for a number of years but, when I spoke to the team about the level of durability I need to provide for customers, they recommended I upgrade to the new Aqua Guard. It’s one of the best paints I’ve ever used – I tested it myself to see if it could withstand the hustle and bustle of a busy kitchen and it’s almost like a plastic coating has been applied. It stood up to kitchen utensils easily with no damage, and I now use it on a daily basis with the confidence that I’ve provided a high-quality, durable paint for customers.”
To avoid causing too much disruption for customers, Jack has a quick turnaround time on jobs and so drying time was another important factor to consider when upgrading to Aqua Guard. The paint has advanced application qualities to bring benefits such as quick drying time, teamed with low odour and long-lasting whiteness.
Jack continued: “Drying time is key for me when it comes to choosing paint. In the past, I’ve used paints that appear dry in most areas but have still been sticky in the corners of the room when I’ve come to apply a second coat – sometimes this has caused issues with the undercoat or first coat of paint. This isn’t the case with Aqua Guard, it works as a two-coat system. I can apply just one undercoat and one top coat with confidence that it will be dry in a shorter amount of time.”
Since trialing Johnstone’s Trade Aqua Guard in April 2020, Jack has used the paint on all of his kitchen decoration projects. He concluded: “I’ve completed around 50 kitchens using Aqua Guard and haven’t had any issues. I use the paint on a daily basis with complete reassurance that it won’t let me down.”
For more information about Johnstone’s Trade Aqua Guard, head to your local Johnstone’s Decorating Centre or stockist, or visit: www.johnstonestrade.com/aqua-guard.

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